Bisetti’s cookware set, aluminum with stone coating pans - Pots


Composed of two completely different materials, Bisetti’s cookware set offers a technology that ranges from the forged non-stick aluminum to the high cooking quality offered by stone and a mineral layer. The latter makes cooking without oil and butter possible. Bisetti’s technology has created three different cookware sets: Black Diamond; Stonewhite and Stonerose. Each of them come with the same technology but are made of different stones and granite. Designed for all the hotplates, the cookware sets display a design that does not stop at the anti-scratch surface and the sturdiness, the set’s strong skill is its handle! Apart from the most classic colors like black, red, white, blue, it is also possible to choose from chromatic models like silver, shiny gold, pink-gold and others. The lines are composed of pots, woks, grill, casseroles and pans, available in different sets and dimensions depending on one’s own needs.

Black Diamond

To those who love cooking, the Black Diamond pot set is a necessary item. The stability, sturdiness and strength of the natural stone guarantees a long use and the preparation of impeccable dishes. The mineral surface of the Black Diamond pots collection heats quickly and releases the heat only gradually, allowing perfection in preparation of every kind of dish. Not only this, it offers healthy cooking that benefits your well-being. The Black Diamond natural stone covering, made with small diamond-cut particles, assures durability and absolute non-sticking. Therefore, it allows you to cook well-done dishes. Quality is guaranteed.


The Stonerose collection of pots and frying-pans will revolutionize your cooking! This line of granite and pink quartz pots assures both light as well as resistant material. Cooking using Stonerose pots will allow you to rediscover a traditional and good-quality cooking, thanks to their non-stick and non-scratch qualities, which are typical of granite and quartz. These two precious qualities of the materials contribute to the longer preservation of heat thanks to the innovative combination of the aluminum structure and the mineral surface.

In search of the best and most functional design the Stonerose line offers a romantic and springy signature to your cooking thanks to the colors of the hafts that you can choose according to your personal taste.


The Stonewhite collection of pots and saucepans is what you need to rediscover flavors of traditional cooking and inspire your culinary fantasy. They are handy, they can be easily cleaned and allow a non-fat cooking. They are ideal for cooking meat and fish, allowing you to preserve the taste and the aromas of the food. The revolutionary line of Stonewhite pots is made with a white granite covering on an aluminum structure which makes longer preservation of heat possible and assures the quality of the food during the preparation of dishes. The Stonewhite pots can be used on all stove tops ranging from gas-rings to induction cooktops: an excellent union of functionality and design!

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