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Himalayan Salt Plates

Salted plates are an ancient cooking system exclusively made of pink salt extracted from Kewra and Pakistani mines, originally covered by a prehistoric sea. They give food a specific flavor. What modern recipes aim at is the ancient and balanced taste.

Different shapes and sizes

Different shapes and sizes: the smallest ones are ideal for an aperitif or for a one-person-dish, and they can be found in squared formats of 10x10cm and 20x10cm; the biggest ones are meant for a collective use, and have different dimensions: squared (20x20cm and 20x30cm) or round with a diameter of 20 cm.

Features and benefits

Among the many healthy features there are: a fast resorption by the gut and less water retention in the tissue when compared to normal cooking salt. Salt plates can be used as a hot or a cold base on which food is served, or as a live cooking method at the table. To prepare a dish on the table the plate needs to be warmed up in the oven beforehand. For this reason, different metallic and wooden supports have been created, to choose from.

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