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Wood for the kitchen

Wood is without doubt one of the most used materials in the kitchen. Besides cabinets, doors, shelves, wood has always been used directly in contact with food, being the main material for chopping boards, trays, ladles, etc. The reason behind this success can be found in its big abundance on Italian soil and in its mechanic features that make it resistant.

Cutting board

The cutting board is one of the signature products of Bisetti made of wood. Several sets were designed in order to create a complete collection of kitchen utensils. Basic and classic sets are designed for home use. The beech and the birch from which they are made allow a good quality at an affordable price and offer a long-term product. The design series instead offers simple lines and modern cutting boards, meant to be brought to the table. Bisetti’s last innovation is silk-screened cutting boards. Perfect for a restaurant or as a present, they add the extra mile to the simple cutting board!


Meat pounders, tongs, whisks, honey measuring cups, lemon juicers and scoops. There are only few examples of the line of kitchen objects that Bisetti offers. Using beech and cherry wood, Bisetti offers a range of products that include utensils for homemade pasta or for cooking risotto. There are two standard sizes: 34 cm for the beech wood ladles; 30 cm for the cherry wood ladles. Bisetti offers items for every price category, from domestic to professional use. The range is made up of sets with kitchen server, fork, perforated server and spaghetti ladle. Bisetti, also thought of where to store kitchen ladles with its line of ladle holders specially made for these products.


Our trays & Bread Boxes selection primarily presents two modern design and happy sets: the crates and the pallets. The first one includes some crates that are inspired by fruit bowls, but restyled with pastel colors: in addition to the natural wood we find pink, light blue, orange and green as well as a variety of tints that fits into every context and on every table. The series is composed by four dimensions. They can be used in thousand ways: as bread boxes and breadsticks, as a manufactured centerpiece, as a serving plate (make sure to insert some paper for food), as a tea sachet, sugar, salt and pepper shakers and much more! The second innovative set is the pallet trays one. Their design is ideal to be presented at the table, and they can be used to offer a little aperitif, like a plate to serve desserts etc. There are two colors to choose from (a natural version and a vintage tint that enhances the natural wood’s marbling) and four different dimensions.

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