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Acrylic Danish smoked salt grinder h 14.5 cm


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Acrylic Danish smoked salt grinder h 14.5 cm with ceramic grinder.

Apparently this is only a spice grinder. However, looking at it more closely, you will discover that its transparent body hides something precious: a salt with a refined taste which has been smoked with red elm and oak according to an ancient Danish tradition. Now you know that it is not only a spice grinder, but a treasure chest of precious aromas and perfumes to sprinkle on every plate, from the classic pasta carbonara to soups, from plates based on trout, herring and salmon to traditional omelettes.

The Bisetti spice grinder mechanism is in ceramics and with the highest resistance and guarantees safe and long term use.
In order to resist corrosion, all the materials are made in stainless steel and aluminium.
All are guaranteed to be in accordance with EC and FDA regulations for contact with foodstuffs.

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