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Wedding Favours

You have surely been to be invited to a wedding in the past where, at the end of the celebrations, you have received a disappointing wedding favour: a tacky photo frame, a jewellery box with a floral motive or, even worse, a ceramic animal… Have you ever thought of a useful gift instead? Something that will make the person who receives it think of you daily?

The pepper grinder and salt grinder seem to have been born for this purpose and our wide range allows you to choose between the most traditional styles to more modern designs.
If you are interested in receiving a quote, select the model you like most by browsing our online store and send an email directly to in just a few days you will receive a personalised quote!

Please note that the wedding service includes a personalised quote but excludes the supply of confetti, decorations and boxes different from the standard ones that you can see in the picture below.

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