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about bisetti


Bisetti is a touch of taste, a nuance of flavour, a parenthesis of cuisine that surrounds every dish that deserves to be finished with class, from the white crystal of salt, or from the light powder of a grain of pepper …

Bisetti is all this, and for this reason it is recognized around the world. But the roots of the brand date back in history, until 1800. At that time, however, it was not yet an Italian brand of products for the kitchen, but the surname of a man: the owner of a small artisan shop located in Pettenasco, on Lake Orta, near the green Valle Strona.
A place, the latter, always chosen by wood artisans, because of the abundance of waterways with which it was possible to activate the hydraulic systems of the lathes. It was thanks to one of these machines – fuelled by the strength of the rivers and the creativity of our ancestor – that the path of the company began.
A path that was studded with wood shavings, inventions, spices and creativity; a path of which we are proud and to which we remain faithful, as evidenced by our Company’s History, the quality of our products, and the choices we make every day, and we have made for over two hundred years.

about bisetti

Designed in Italy

Our products are entirely manufactured within the company. The production has not been and will not be delocalized in the Far East, in order to guarantee and maintain the high distinctiveness of our “Made in Italy” products.

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