Spaghetti with Scoglio Sauce - Bisetti

Spaghetti with Scoglio Sauce

The fish sauce can be prepared in many ways. Stonewhite cookware will do the trick, and will help you make this dish even more delicious!


  • .  400g of spaghetti
  • .  150 g squid
  • .  100 g clams
  • .  100 g mussels
  • .  100 g shrimp
  • .  4 prawns
  • .  Extra-virgin olive oil
  • .  Parsley as required
  • .  3 garlic cloves
  • .  Tomato sauce
  • .  200 g cherry tomatoes
  • .  150 ml white wine


Fill a pot with hot water and let it boil. When it’s ready, put a spoon of salt and the spaghetti inside of it. While the pasta is cooking, prepare sugo. In a Stonewhite pan brown 3 garlic cloves and add the cherry tomatoes previously cut in half. Put in the squid, shrimp and prawns, then simmer with white wine. Once the white wine is evaporated, add the clams and mussels, together with tomato sauce and a pinch of salt. When the sauce is almost ready, finish with a tablespoon of chopped parsley.

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