Set of 3 cutting boards granite-effect "Stonewhite" with stainless steel racks

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Dimensions: 23,4 x 16,8 cm ; 26,4 x 19,8 cm ; 29,4 x 22,8 cm ; 26,6 x 10,6 cm
Color: white
Material: polipropilene
Covering: granite effect
Uses: suitable food contact
Guarantee: 2 years

Product detail

Small:23.4 x 16.8
Medium:26,4 x 19,8
Large:29,4 x 22,8
Base:26,6 x 10,6
The 3 chopping boards are indispensable in the kitchen for preparing and serving all dishes.
The ergonomically designed steel stand is conceived to always have at hand the right chopping board at the right time and to keep your kitchen always tidy and efficient.
The 3 sizes are thought to be used at the same time, each dedicated to different foods. Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are kept separate, preserving all the different flavours and properties.
The stylised steel handle provides an easy grip for easy cutting and allows you to serve directly at the table, in a practical and elegant way.
The chopping boards are equipped with many practical accessories to facilitate the culinary skills of all chefs: the raised measuring line for precise cutting measurements; the built-in grater for spices, onions and garlic; the raised edge to prevent spillage of liquids; the non-slip rubber resting edge for better stability and safety.
The minimal, functional and space-saving design is practical and elegant to enrich your kitchen.
With its unique granite and rose gold finish, the PIERRE GOURMET chopping board set is ideal for use with matching knives and as a complement to the precious "Stonewhite" kitchen collection
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