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5 knives set 'Stonerose' with gold pink colour handles and block

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This set of knives with steel blade and granite effect coating is suitable for all types of cuts, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread etc ..

This special granite effect coating makes the blade resistant to food acids, also giving a higher durability of sharpening. The ergonomically shaped handle allows a better grip, for a safer use.
Transparent acrylic block and base.
USE: each knife model is designed for a specific use as recommended. Never use a knife for improper use, such as opening tins or anything else. Avoid blade contact with hard materials.
CLEANING: it is advisable to wash by hand with normal domestic detergents, taking care to remove all residues that easily remain on the blade near the handle. Pay particular attention to cleaning the knives after using them with corrosive substances: oxidation is facilitated, for example, by sodium chloride which is present in abundance in fish processing. Generally every organic liquids can become damaging if the contact is prolonged for many hours.
MAINTENANCE: We recommend sharpening with the steel; if performed with grinding wheels, use specific abrasives with the use of refrigerant. The tempering can cause loss of hardness and / or breakage.
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