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Features of salt plate

A salt plate is an innovative kitchen tool composed of a pure block of Pink Himalayan salt extracted from mines that are 250 million years old and which are a dried up prehistoric sea. Pink salt contains minerals, trace elements and iron; the latter lends it its typical color. This precious material, besides guaranteeing excellent results in baking and cooking foods without adding fat also contains many nutritional benefits. To ensure durability and to prevent breaking of the salt plate, it is necessary to take some precautions for use into account. Thermal shocks should be avoided by gradually heating it, by avoiding the application of cold water on the hot plate, or by putting frozen foods on top of it. Also, the plate must not be in direct contact with the flame. Therefore, it is recommended to put the plate in the oven or to use a flame spreader if using a gas stove. To clean the salt plate, you need to wait for it to cool and then use a slightly abrasive sponge with baking soda. Rinsing under the water jet must be quick and followed by careful drying. It must not be immersed in water nor washed in the dishwasher. Finally, after it is wrapped in a cloth, it can be placed on its support. After some time, the color may change, but this does not have any effect on the properties of the plate. Also, since this is an artisan product, any cracks or chipping are not a manufacturing defect or bad quality, but only show the individuality of the product. Salt plate is ideal for preparing recipes based on fish proceeding with baking in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 150°. With this plate, it is possible to prepare the dish directly on the table and to surprise guests. By heating it in the oven at 250° for an hour, the plate will reach the appropriate temperature for that procedure. Aesthetically valuable, salt plate is produced in numerous formats, variable in shape and size, and it is supported by a metal frame with handles. It can act as both a stove or a platter for hot and cold dishes, lending the table an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

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