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Cooking with a stone

The soapstone is a metamorphic rock, whose first utilization in the kitchen dates back to 3000 years ago, when it was extracted in Valchiavenna for pot production. The term “soapstone” denotes any object that can perform the function of a container. In its purest form, the Steatite, it has characteristic thermic properties which make it an ideal tool for cooking. As a matter of fact, the Steatite consists of 40-50% talc, which has natural non-stick properties, and 40-50% magnesite, which is resistant and compact. This material maintains the temperature, cooks food evenly over low heat and allows cooking without adding any oils. The soapstone guarantees an excellent cooking both directly and in foil, which is ideal for cooking meat and vegetables because it maintains the natural flavor of foods, adding grilled scent. Its maintenance is easy and it proves to be very durable when following certain precautions. Before the first use it is suggested to clean the material with salty water and carefully dry it afterwards. Following this, the soapstone is to be treated with seed oil on both sides and rest for 24 hours. After this it needs to be heated in the oven for 40 minutes at 150°. Following this procedure, the soapstone will change its color from light grey to black. In order to guarantee its stability, the soapstone has to be heated gradually, with even heat distribution on the surface. It is recommended to check the ideal temperature by pouring a drop of vinegar on the plate to make sure that it evaporates immediately. The soapstone doesn’t adsorb smells and its cleaning must be done when it has cooled without any detergents by using a sponge and hot running water, water and vinegar or water and lemon. Dry cooking residues can be removed by adding some coarse salt when cleaning, but do not use any abrasive agents. To avoid any damage of the stone, cold water should never be poured on the hot plate. The soapstone comes with a robust metal structure with heat resistant or wooden handles. This allows the food to be served directly on the table in the pan. Hence, you can surprise the guests with an elegant and original tool that is characterized by a cutting-edge technology as well as ancient origins. The excellent quality of the cooking guarantees the success of several recipes whose results can be brought to the table and be enjoyed together.

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