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The use of the grinder

If it is true that the refinement of a product renders higher quality and, above all, produces inebriant aromas and smells, then you should use a grinder. A grinder can be used for several products such as pepper, chocolate, coffee and nuts. Its use turns out to be extremely simple and the results are elegant. No doubt, the secret of an excellent coffee is the refinement of the coffee bean. Therefore, what makes a great espresso is mainly its grain size. In fact, if the grind is too fine the result might be an extremely slow filtering of the coffee, thus intensifying both "good" but also less “good” aromas; In contrast, a grind that is too coarse would produce a high permeability of the coffee and the hot water could not absorb all of the aroma of the coffee. In regards to the use of pepper in cooking, as everyone knows, it gets the spicy flavor entirely from piperine, a substance, which is found both in its pulp and in the seed. Therefore, compared to coffee, pepper guarantees its quality by a perfect grind, which characteristically is a superfine product, as well as by a perfect taste for even the most demanding palates. Moreover, the grinder is increasingly used also for desserts, where the continuous research of the aesthetic quality of the dish, as well as the taste, is of the utmost importance. A well-ground spice can perfect the dish, delighting the palate with a mix of flavors, which are thoroughly blended in the mouth. So, a simple grinding process that has certainly made traditional cuisines more varied guarantees all this. To demonstrate how it is easy to grind different ingredients, the single steps are listed below. These steps are not only helpful for culinary experts but, above all, for those who are beginners:

> Unscrew the knob and remove the head

> Fill it with the selected product

> Replace the head and screw the knob back on

> Choose grade of grinding by loosening or tightening the knob.

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